Computer Busters Spring Special

Slow Computer?


Speed it up with a Solid State Hard Drive Upgrade!


We will do the following:

  • Scan your computer and remove viruses
  • Backup all of your important information
  • Install a brand new super fast Solid State Hard Drive
  • Restore Windows and all of your important information on to the new drive


Is it worth it?

A Solid State Hard Drive can increase start up time dramatically. From turning the computer on to surfing the Internet inĀ  less than 30 seconds! Programs start up in 1-2 seconds. At any rate it will be much faster. It’s like having a new computer for a fraction of the cost.

All for just $180 labour. The cost of the Solid State Hard Drive is as follows:

  • 240GB – $150
  • 480GB – $250

These prices are about half of what they were a couple of years ago!

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