Computer Services

We know how annoying tech problems can be. Whether the problem you’re facing is big or small, you’re in good hands with our technicians who can provide computer repairs and assistance. Need help with virus removal, hardware installation, data recovery, email setup, or something else entirely? You’ll find a fix with Computer Busters computer repairs. Whether you have a computer or laptop, and whether your tech issues are at home or in the workplace, our skilled technicians will find a the right solution for you.

What we do

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

Is your computer broken? We handle all kinds of computer repairs including both hardware and software problems. We can replace faulty or broken parts to get your computer up and running again.

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Virus and Spyware Removal

If your computer is infected with a virus or malware or is running really slowly our Virus Removal service will fully clean it up. Your computer will be back up and running without all those nasties getting in the way.

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Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Do you have no backup for your computer and decided its time to get one? Has your computer died and you need help retrieving some vital information off it? We can help with a variety of data services.

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Computer Upgrades

If your computer is not too old and just needs a bit of a boost we can give you a computer upgrade instead of getting a new computer. Sometimes that is all that is needed to give your computer another year or two of life.

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New Computer Services

If your computer is dead or dying then it may be time to get a new computer. A computer usually lasts on average 4-6 year. So if your computer is no longer working as you would like it to we can help you replace it with a new one.

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Computer Networking

Do you need help setting up a new router? Need to go wireless and don’t know where to start? Got a wireless printer and want to connect it up to all your computers? We can help with all of these and more

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Laptop Screen Replacement

Do you have a broken laptop screen? Don’t worry because in most cases it can be replaced and for less than buying a new computer. We can source monitors for all major laptop makes and models. Ask us about fixing yours.

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Computer Setup

Do you need help setting up a new computer? Installing some software? or setting up a piece of hardware like a printer?  We can help take the confusion out of it for you, getting it setup to run smoothly.

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Computer Training & Advice

Do you need someone to sit with you and answer all of your questions about computers? Do you need someone to teach you how to do something with your computers or other tech gadgets? We are patient, friendly and have all the answers you need.

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Smart device & TV Setup

Have you spent all that money on a new TV only for it to not work properly! TVs are getting “smarter”, but this means they’re harder to set up. If you have a new TV, smart devices or surround sound system, Computer Busters can help you get it set up correctly and best of all-working!

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Printer Setup

We know its irritating when the  printer won’t print. They can be tricky to set up correctly – especially if you want to print wirelessly. If you’re struggling to set up your printer, scanner and copier, you’re not the only one. We can help. 

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Email Setup & Troubleshooting

These days its hard to live without working email. Have us out to set up an account for you, with either a new or existing email address.

Maybe you already have an email setup but its not working or it’s playing up. We can help with this also. We will come and troubleshoot, find the problem and fix it.

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Computer Cleaning

Would you like to increase the speed of your Computer? We can help with our computer cleaning and tune up service. We will increase you computer speed, removing unwanted programs, and rid your computer of dust. 

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Mobile Device Setup

Is your Mobile not operating as you feel it should? Or are you putting off an upgrade because you think you’ll have a hard time setting up or using the new one? Don’t worry Computer Busters are here to help. We’re experts and will help you get a new phone set up correctly, and an old phone working properly.

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Wi-Fi and Internet Setup

These days it isn’t just nice to have fast Internet- its essential. Working and studying from home being so common, and many home entertainment requiring Wi-Fi access, you need a great setup. That’s where we come in. We can help you get the best home network possible.

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What people are saying

You visited us recently to fix my sister’s laptop – which I think I busted! And you fixed thank goodness.– A.G.

South Yarra

My Gmail works like a dream. Thank you for helping me. – S.H.

Doncaster East


Some time ago you did some work for me on my lap top, which was great and it is still working very well. – J.M.


Thank you very, very much for all your help in the last 5 days – and the very late nights! Computer is working well today, so I’m quite happy… – S.B.

Doncaster East