Laptop Screen Replacement

Do you have a broken laptop screen? Don’t worry because in most cases it can be replaced and for less than buying a new computer. We can source monitors for all major laptop makes and models. Ask us about fixing yours.

Do you have a cracked or damaged laptop screen?

From cracked touch screens that hinder the users experience through to smashed screens that are well and truly past the stage of providing an image, Computer Busters has the solution. If you are searching for a computer specialist that offers laptop screen replacements, the team of experts at Computer Busters have you covered. 

If your laptop has seen better days, it’s time to call Computer Busters. Offering a convenient, affordable repair service, we will have your laptop restored to perfect working order in no time at all.

Source your replacement screen for your model of laptop

Remove your damaged screen

Install your new laptop screen

Run a test to make sure it is working

Steps to replace your laptop screen

Source replacement screen for your make and model

Once we have your make and model we can source a replacement screen for your laptop and give you a quote on the cost of repairs. If you are happy to go ahead we will order your replacement screen.

Remove your damaged screen

Having replaced hundreds of screens on all makes and models we are expert when it comes to carefully removing your damaged screen for replacement.

Install your new screen

Once your screen has been ordered and delivered our technicians will expertly install it and your laptop will be as good as new.

Run a test to make sure your laptop is working 

Once the screen has been replaced our technicians will run a test to ensure your laptop is in working order. This is the final step, your laptop will then be ready for pick up, brand spanking new and in perfect working order.