Computer, Hardware, Software and other Gadgets set up

Do you need help setting up a new computer? Installing some software? or setting up a piece of hardware like a printer? Perhaps you want to connect up other gadgets and don’t know how. We can help take the confusion out of it for you.

Do you need a computer or piece of technology setup and installed

Just purchased a new computer? A new Printer? A new piece of software? Or a new Gadget? But don’t know how to setup or install it. We can help with home or office technology setup. Our computer technicians are experienced with all makes so your in safe hands.

Getting a new piece of technology is of course extremely exciting but then it can also be a little daunting. With Computer Busters help, it doesn’t have to be! We’ll come out to you and set up your new machine onsite where you want it and how you want it.

Unpack, setup and install your new computer, hardware or software and much more

Network your devices with each other

Testing to ensure optimal operation

Happy customer!

Steps to take to setup and install your technology

New computer setup

Unpack and setup your new computer

No need to worry about which cable goes where. We will unpack and set it all up for you. You can relax!

Connect your computer to an existing network

Our technician will connect your new computer to any other computers or devices that share or network with your computer. This will include, but is not limited to, connecting your computer with the cloud. Its all “tech talk” not to worry, your technician will take care of it.

Perform system updates

Because of a delay between their manufacture and your purchase, many new computers will need to have the latest Windows (or other) operating system updates installed when they come out of the box. Avoid the trouble and let us do it for you!

Software installations

You’ll probably need some software, such as Microsoft Office, installed on your computer. Our computer setup service will help get your software installed so it’s all ready for you to enjoy.

Hardware installation

Along with the purchase of your new computer, you may have various hardware that requires installation. Things, like a printer!

Install internet security 

Internet security software will protect your computer and your personal information stored on it from being affected by viruses and malware (‘tech talk’ for malicious software) or stolen by identity thieves.

Set-up and transfer your personal information

We will finish off by setting up your most important personal information on your new computer, including your email account. If you have personal details already stored on your old machine that need transferring to the new one, your technician can transfer your data too!

Hardware and Software setup and installation

Install hardware components

We will install any hardware parts that you require, whether bought by you prior to the service or recommended and supplied by us.

Install necessary drives

Wondering what a driver is? it’s ‘tech talk’ for the software that enables your hardware to talk with your operating system and work together. We will install any necessary ones for your hardware to function. you don’t need to worry, We take care of the lot!

Update operating system requirements 

Different pieces of hardware have different operating system requirements. It just means that you may need a certain version of Windows (or other) for your piece of hardware to work. We will make sure you have what is required.

Testing to ensure optimal performance 

Before leaving, we will run through a series of tests to ensure that your new hardware is functioning properly and performing at its best.

Software installation and configuration

With some software programs requiring specific hardware requirements we will ensure your computer is fully compatible with the software you are looking at using. This can prevent you wasting money and time on something that won’t work on your computer.

We will also recommend software that you are looking at purchasing to ensure it’s the right fit for what you want it to do. We know many programs and can steer you in the right direction with a recommendation. This might save you money!

Install a program and configure software

Once we know that your computer is compatible with the software you’ve chosen we will be able to install it on your computer and its settings configured for optimal operation and ease of use. We ensure the software is installed properly so that you have no problems in the future. The initial setup is often the most important part!

Perform necessary software updates

With developers regularly releasing updates for software they sell, it is likely the software you have bought off the shelf will be out of date. Our computer service includes downloading and installing all of them for you so that you’re up to date.

Create desktop, start menu and quick launch shortcuts

We will then create shortcuts (icons to access the program) on the desktop, in the start menu. This makes them much easier to find so you always know where to click when looking for a program

More Services

Printer setup

It can be a frustrating job to set up a printer – so why not get us to look after it for you! We’ll get your printer, scanner, or copier up and running in no time at all!

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Mobile device setup

Ever feel like your mobile phone isn’t operating as it should? Or are you putting off an upgrade because you know you’ll have a hard time setting up something new? Don’t stress – Computer Busters are here to assist you. We will help you get a new phone set up right, and an old phone working at its best.

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Smart device and TV setup

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on a gadget that sits there unused or doesn’t work properly!

Technology is only getting “smarter”, but it also means thing are harder to set up. If you have a new TV, smart devices or surround sound system, Computer Busters can help you get it set up correctly.

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Email setup and troubleshooting

Need help setting up email for business or personal needs? Computer Busters provides reliable email setup help and troubleshooting. 

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