Computer Upgrades

If your computer is not too old and just needs a bit of a boost we can give you a computer upgrade instead of getting a new computer. Sometimes that is all that is needed to give your computer another year or two of life. 

Does your computer need a boost?

Our computer upgrade services include hardware installation, RAM, SSD drives, graphic cards, upgrading drivers and more. At Computer Busters we will do whatever necessary to get your computer operating again at top notch.

Do you have a new piece of hardware but not sure how to install it in your computer? Are you having problems with your computers operation and think maybe its time to get an upgrade?

Well, whatever the trouble we are guaranteed to be able to help you. Our upgrade service is sure to help you install your hardware you have already purchased or advice, supply and install whatever your computer needs. Our experienced technicians will have your computer back up to scratch in no time.

Install Hardware

Install necessary drives

Update operating system requirements

Testing to ensure optimal operation

Happy customer!

Steps to take to upgrade your computer

Install hardware components

We will install any hardware that your computer requires. This may be hardware that you have purchased or something that we have recommended and supplied.

Install necessary drivers

What’s a driver, you might ask? This is a tech term for the software that will make your hardware and operating system talk to each other. We will download and install any that are required to make sure your new hardware works smoothly.

Update operating system requirement

Different pieces of hardware have different operating system requirements. It just means that we need to make sure that your current operating system supports the hardware we will add. if it doesn’t we can also update it so that it will be compatible.

Testing to ensure optimal operation

Finally, we will complete the service by running a number of tests to ensure that your new hardware is working as it should. We will handle any bugs should they arise, making sure your computer is functioning at its best.