Virus Removal and Clean-up ($180)

  • Scan your computer for all viruses, spyware and pop-ups and remove any found
  • Update your internet security software
  • Remove unneeded software and junk files that slow down your computer

Note: If a system format is required or if the operating system needs to be reinstalled you will need to pay for the Recondition Computer service.

Recondition Computer ($275)

  • Determine what is wrong with your computer’s hardware or software
  • If needed, remove viruses or malware
  • If needed, repair or re-install your operating system and applications
  • If needed, defragment your hard drive
  • Update your Operating system and internet security software
  • Delete unnecessary programs to speed things up
  • If needed, install up to 2 items of hardware or software (e.g. Printer, Microsoft Office, Antivirus software)