Insurance Reports

Do you need a computer repair insurance report to make a claim? Computer Busters can provide you with a insurance report that can help you make insurance claims by assessing your damaged or broken computer or laptop and providing a report for your insurer. Call us today.

Is your computer or laptop damaged or broken and you want to make an insurance claim?

Is your computer or laptop broken or damaged? We know how frustrating this can be. Let us assist you by suppling a comprehensive computer repair report for your insurer. This is what we will do:

Steps taken to assess and write a report

Assess the damageĀ 

Has your computer accidently been water damaged? Has an electrical short circuit possible caused problems to your computer? We’ll do a full assessment of your computer or laptop to identify the cause of the problem and what damage has been done.

Repair or replacement options

We’ll assess whether your computer or laptop is repairable or requires replacing. We’ll then give you and your computer repair insurance company all the options so you can get back in action.

Write up a computer repair report

With a full assessment carried out we can write a clear and concise computer repair report listing the details the insurerneeds to see, making the claims process straight forward.