Mobile Device Setup

Is your Mobile not operating as you feel it should? Or are you putting off an upgrade because you think you’ll have a hard time setting up or using the new one? Don’t worry Computer Busters are here to help. We’re experts and will help you get a new phone set up correctly, and an old phone working properly.

Need help setting up your Mobile device

There are all sorts of mobile devices that can be connected to your computer. Do you own a mobile phone or tablet? What about a smart Watch, or Bluetooth headphones? Perhaps a iPad or an iPod?

Have us come out and get all of these gadgets and more setup and syncing correctly with your desktop or laptop computer.

Setup your Mobile phone

Sync your mobile device with your computer

Show you how to use device

Steps to take to set up your mobile device

Setup your mobile phone

A new mobile device can be exciting but daunting all at once. Let one of our technicians take you through the setup process. You might want to be able to send and receive emails on it, download music and movies, send photos or even read an E-book.

We can help you with all of these things, not only setting them up on your device but showing you how to access and use them. We service both Android and Apple devices.

Sync your mobile device with your computer 

Once we have set up your new device then we will sync it with your computer. This means that whatever you do on your mobile will reflect on your computer and whatever you do on your computer will reflect on your mobile. Very handy!

Show you how to use the device

Once that is done we will show you how to use your mobile device. We will not only show you things that you specifically want to use but will also tell you what features it has, perhaps you are not aware of them all.

We will show you what they are, where to find them on your device, how they may help you and how to use them.

We are here to answer all your tech questions!