Cyber Security Health Check

Unfortunately cybercrime is a situation that does affect businesses. You might think “cybercrime will never affect my business”, but that’s no longer true. With cybercrime becoming more and more rampant, it’s not a matter of “if” you will be the target of an attack, but “when”. Avoid being caught out by this. We can access and recommend steps you can do to protect your business from cybercrime.

Are you worried about Cyberattacks?

What is a Cyber Security Health Check?

It is a check designed to access any security weaknesses in your systems which could result in online threats. Protect your business against malware, data theft and more.

At the appointment one of our technicians will access your existing systems and networks and provide you with a report which specifies what can be done to further improve your setup so that your customer data, information, and systems are protected.

After your appointment, you will receive solutions to handle everything that has been found. We can help you work out your next steps to take.

Why do you need a Cyber Security Health Check?

With cyberattacks escalating more than ever before and businesses loosing money from such attacks, not to mention irreparable damage to reputation to business and brand. It is very important that businesses ensure their systems are setup to protect against such attacks.

Not every business has their own in house IT team making sure there technology is up to scratch and protected. For small business especially, they don’t normally have tech support on speed dial.

That is where we come in.

Health Check done

Report of what needs to be done to improve security

These suggestions implemented by our technicians

6 monthly health checks scheduled

Steps to take to ensure you are protected

How often should you check the cyber security health of your business?

A regular Security check should be performed, every six months, to make sure that all steps are taken and kept up to protect against online crime. Cyber attackers are coming up with new ways to attack and steal data all the time. The best way to make sure your systems are safe and protected is through a periodic scheduled Cyber Security Health check. 

Liken it to servicing your car. To keep your car running well and safely it needs to be serviced regularly. Its the same with business security on your systems. You might be protected from viruses and scams now, but tomorrow hackers will come up with new ways, new techniques and you don’t want your business to be caught out.

With this service you will have piece of mind and save money in the long term.

After the Cyber Security Health Check

After the appointment you will receive a report that lists the issues and risks with your current setup. Our technicians will go over this and what needs to be implemented. Any changes required to protect your business will be discussed and can be implemented by our team.

In the end you will know that you’ve taken the steps to protect your business from cybercrime and online threats.

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