Computer and Laptop repairs

Is your computer broken? We handle all kinds of computer repairs including both hardware and software problems. We can replace faulty or broken parts to get your computer up and running again. 

Computer Advice and Troubleshooting

Is there something wrong with your computer but you don’t know what it could be. We will troubleshoot and identify the exact problem. It could be hardware or software related, not to worry we can fix either.

You don’t need to worry- We have all experienced it. That annoying program that won’t do what you want it to, or some part of your machine making a strange noise. It can be frustrating!

When this happens, have us worry about it! We will come out to your home or office, find and fix the problem you are having. For hardware and software problems, we are experts at fixing them.

Troubleshoot your hardware

Replace or upgrade faulty hardware

Troubleshoot your software

Reinstall corrupt software programs

Ensure computer is running well again

Steps to take to and resolve your computer problem

Troubleshoot your hardware

Malfunctioning hardware can cause all sorts of problems with your computers operation. If your computer is slow, you can’t watch videos or it just won’t turn on then its time to give us a call. We will troubleshoot what’s happening and offer the fix.

Replace or upgrade faulty hardware

How are you to know when something is wrong with a piece of hardware in your computer. Maybe its making strange noises or something sounds loose but otherwise its a mystery.

If its a malfunctioning piece of hardware that’s causing the trouble, we will find it, replace or upgrade it with a new part. Your computer will run like a dream afterwards.

Troubleshoot your software

The problem you are having may be software related. We will investigate what’s happening, run tests, and get to the bottom of the issue.

It can be hazardous to try and fix the issue yourself and can sometimes lead to bigger problems. We know that mistakes can happen, thats why our technicians are experienced to help fix anything that has gone wrong. We can help you with:

  • data recovery
  • data backup, and
  • virus removal.

Reinstall corrupt software

Is your software playing up? not running correctly? It might be corrupted. This means it needs to be reinstalled to work properly again. We can help you with this.