Printer Setup & Installation Services

It can be a tricky job to set up a printer – so why not get an expert to look after it for you! We’ll get your printer, scanner, or copier up and running in no time!

Need help setting up your Printer, Copier, Scanner or Fax?

There’s nothing more annoying than a printer that won’t print. They are tricky to set up correctly – especially if you want to print wirelessly. If you’re having trouble setting up your printer, scanner or copier, and not having much luck – you’re not the only one.

With printers having become more ‘fancy’ over the last years, they have also become more complicated to setup and learn to use. Many are now able to do all sorts of things, like print directly from your digital camera. Scanners can send scanned documents directly to your email address. Fancy, right!  Without the correct printer setup, you might not be taking advantage of all these tricks.

If you need help setting up your printer or learning how to use it, give us a call and we’ll come and carry out a complete in home or office printer setup! if you don’t have a printer, we can supply one!

Setup Printer, Copier, Scanner or Fax

Setup Printer so you can print directly from your mobile phone, digital camera and more

Setup Scanner to scan documents directly to your email

Troubleshoot existing Printer setup

Educate you on how it all works

Steps to take to set up your device

In home printer setup service

If your printer is capable of connecting to Wi-Fi, we will add it your wireless network. This means you can print to it from your computer as well as any of the other devices that you own. No need to have it connected to things via cable.

If it’s not, no problem. We can help with your printer setup so that your printer can operate from only a direct connection to your computer via a cable.

Smart phones and tablet printer setup

It can be a bit trickier printing from a mobile phone or tablet, at least until you know how it all works. That’s where we come in. We can set it up and show you how to use it.

If you’re having trouble, with a printer issue let us help. We can get your printer working the way you want it to, making it compatible with your personal device and ensuring that its setup properly to print from them.

Troubleshooting your printer and current printer setup

If you are having trouble printing with your current setup, we are here to help. We will troubleshoot the issue, as it could be a number of things causing the problem. Don’t give up on your printer yet!

It could be a network issue causing the problem. With only a few changes to your printer setup, we could get it working again, saving you money on a new printer.

While we are helping fix this issue, feel free to ask us for help with your computer. We offer a multitude of computer services.